Learn the Secrets of Tattvas

The word “Tattvas” is a Hindu term connotating "realities, or states of being. The Tattvas represent primordial energies representing the five elements of Spirit (Akasha), Air (Vayu), Fire (Tejas), Water (Apas), and Earth (Prithivi).

Images of the 5 Elemental Tattvas

Tattva Name Tattva Name Tattva Name Tattva Name Tattva Name
Akasha Vayu Tejas Apas Prithivi
Element: Spirit Element: Air Element: Fire Element: Water Element: Earth
State: Aethyr
State: Gas State: Heat State: Liquid State: Solid

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Tattvic Symbols and Their Meanings

The first Tattvic symbol is Akasha, which represents the Element of Spirit. The shape of this Tattva is an egg (ovoid), symbolizing the inception of the Universe. Also, as shapes go, the ellipse is considered the most perfect, according to Pythagoras. The egg contains life, protecting it, nurturing it for the process of birth.

The second Tattvic symbol is a circle, the second most perfect shape (again, according to Pythagoras.) This shape represents the Element of Air. When you look upward, you see a 360 degree panorama of sky, so this shape is particularly fitting.

The third Tattvic symbol is an upright triangle. This symbol represents the Element of Fire. The upward point seems to be the tip of a burning flame. The 3 points of the triangle also represent the sacred idea of the Trinity (the concept of the sacredness of the number 3 is prevalent in several major religions, Christianity in particular.)

The fourth Tattvic symbol is an upturned crescent. This symbol represents the Element of Water, and is the only symbol that resembles an organic object (the waning Moon,) as well as a cup. This is fitting, as the idea of water is synonymous with the cup.

The fifth Tattvic symbol is a square. This symbol represents the Element of Earth. The square is considered one of the most stable shapes, (second only to the 6-sided hexagon.) In ancient times, the Earth was considered to be flat, and in the shape of a square.

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