This Spiritual Salon is dedicated to the information obtained by Voxx from her Trance Work. As those who have experienced a seance with Voxx can attest -- she is the real thing! Although she has helped thousands of clients contact the spirits of their departed loved ones, Voxx uses her Trance Work primarily to contact the spirits of important historical figures. This page contains the amazing words of wisdom Voxx has gathered through her Trance Work.

Voxx channeled the eternal spirit of Rainer Maria Rilke in June, 2000. The following lyric was dictated to Voxx via a spiritual trance.

First Breath
(Voxx channeling the spirit of Rainer Maria Rilke)
© 2003

It starts as a heartbeat
faintly behind transparent membranes
It starts, quietly
Imperceptible, sometimes
even to it's own mother

It takes root in a fertile land
risking expulsion at any time

This is myself
This is My Self

Let me rest awhile on the shore
of your waterless sea
Let me breathe in the airless lung
Let the blood beat the invisible heart

Let it begin, let it begin

Let it begin ...
Read the start

[Note: This lyric was subsequently used in a song that Voxx, also channeled by Rilke, before even knowing that Rilke had been a musician and written many songs! To order a copy of this song, "First Breath," please visit The Store.]

The Spirit of Buddha was channeled by Voxx on his birthday, May 18, 2000.

Selections from The New Sayings of Buddha
(Voxx channeling the spirit of Buddha) © 2003
"There is no other time."
"True knowledge is never lost, but merely refound time and again."

"Trying to become enlightened is like explaining feathers to a wing."

[Note: These new sayings of the Buddha were received during a 3-day Trance Session in Big Sur, California. Voxx had been contacted by Buddha who expressed his desire to share his thoughts with her. For 8 hours per day, Voxx sat under a tree with her companion, Alberto Berio, who painted over 300 Zen brush painting to accompany the Buddha book. To order a copy of this lovely book, please visit, The Store.]


As Voxx is also a published Poet and recording artist, she enjoys communing primarily with the spirits of artists. Voxx will publish a book of channeled teachings of the Buddha in 2004. Some of the spirits she Voxx contacted on an ongoing basis are:

Rumi (Sufi Poet)

Buddha (Spiritual Avatar)

Arthur Rimbaud (French Symbolist Poet)

Rainer Maria Rilke (Romantic Poet)

Ted Hughes (English Poet Laureate)

Billie Holiday (Jazz Singer)

John Lennon (Poet, Musician)

Jim Morrison (Poet, Musician)

Janis Joplin (Rock Singer)

Kurt Cobain (Rock musician)

Jeff Buckley (Musician)

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